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Doctors remove 33 objects including RAZORS from stomach of a man who 'grabs anything and eats it' Siberian sheep squatting contest won for the first time in 1,000 years by a foreigner Algeria and Senegal Push Through to Africa Cup Final
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Returning to Lac Mgantic, a Scene of Great Disaster Lawmakers call for Puerto Rico governor's resignation as thousands protest outside his home Jessica Walter Reads At What Age Is Love Enthralling? 82
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The 5G Health Hazard That Isnt U.S. has 'bigger problems' than plastic straws - Trump
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Discovering south-east Sicily, an architectural wonder William Tyrrell's foster parents slam cops claiming they're the only ones searching for missing boy Kylie Jenner wears $319 earrings from Aussie designer Christie Nicolaides
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Vegan mum and meat-eater dad reveal how they raise two sons as the movement tears families apart Chelsea News Frank Lampard aiming high despite finishing 26 points behind Man City
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